Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who is your Target Customers and What do they Want?

Who is your target customer, where did they go online and then Who is your competition? Question is really about who are they. Are they male?Are they female? Do they make a certain amount of money? Do they make a lot of money? Do they make over a $100,000.00? Are they located only in Norway or are they located only in the UK? Do they only speak Japanese? Do they only use a PC computer? And so on and so for. So there's a lot to do with a customer and the demographics that describe that customer, and we're going to get into that in a moment.

But this is the first thing that you need to answer, and you need to answer it as detailed as you can, and that is figuring out who is your target customer. The reason is the more you can discover who your target customer is and all the details about them, it'll be much easier to reach them.

And then, of course, where do they go on line? Your target customers are out there on the internet right now, but where are they hanging out? What sites do they go to and where do they spend their time? If you want to divert those people to your site, you're going to have to go and get in front of them and that starts with figuring out where they are.

What do they want? This is a very important question to understand and figure out how to answer. What is it that your target customer truly wants and desires? However they are involved with your market, it has to do with hopefully them acquiring products and services that will change their lives for the better. So how will their life be better or different if they buy what you had to sell in this market? And what will those things that they buy from you actually do to their lives, how would their lives change? So figure that out, what do they really want and then how are they using your products and services as some kind of a solution maybe to a problem they have or just to change their life or to better their circumstances.
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