Friday, August 28, 2009

SEO Means Relevancy, Trust and Authority.

Ranking for Google is a matter of finding that web page that is considered the most relevant to the search query and is from a website that is considered an authority on the subject and is trusted.


There are several factors on a web page that are used to measure relevance, with the Title tag and keyword usage on the page being the two most important factors being used to measure relevance.

If a page is about ‘Cheap Web Hosting Company’ and the searcher has entered ‘how to build a Website’, this page is not going to be considered relevant and thus will not be part of results. On the other hand, a page on ‘building your own boat on a budget’ may be considered moderately relevant to the search query and therefore would stand a much better chance of appearing in the Search Engines.


Authority is a ‘social’ indicator of how much a particular website or a particular web page is considered THE source on a particular topic. Authority measures expertise, and more importantly, the acknowledgement of that expertise within your industry and outside as well.

If you run a Web Designing company website and you have many other designing sites linking to yours, it implies (to Google) that your website is considered a somewhat authoritative source on ‘Web designing’. And if you have non-designing sites linking to you as well, this will further enhance your ‘authority’ status, although this is tempered by the fact that the opinion of sites within your niche holds a greater value (because they themselves are considered authorities on the subject).


Trust is a measure of how reliable a website is in providing accurate information. Google uses several factors to measure trust – authority and relevance are two of them and so are links from other ‘trusted’ sites.

Another trust-measuring factor is time, and it is this bit that has had SEOs and webmasters going crazy over what is now commonly called as the ‘sandbox’.

Trust takes time to develop, but there are several strategies (all within Google’s guidelines) that you can just to boost your site’s trust and authority. However, ranking in Google is still a long term game, so expect to have to wait. Depending on your chosen niche and your SEO strategy, it could be anywhere from 6 months to 18 months.

All three factors have some measure of overlapping amongst them. Anchor text can be used both to measure relevance and to measure authority, while links from a high ranking, popular website can convey both authority and trust to your website.

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